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WHAT IS NETWORKING? a group of people who exchange information, contacts, and experience for professional or social purposes. (The Oxford Dictionary)

What can members do?

Members can follow each other, write and reply to comments and receive blog notifications. Each member gets their own personal profile page that they can customize.


TIPS FOR WORKING A TABLE Many networking events will feature a meal if held during meal time hours. It is crucial to practice good table etiquette to make the best impression. Make the introductions. Proceed as if you’re host of the table. Sit and listen to learn. Start the conversation by asking questions: why people are there, what they hope to gain, how they found out about the event. Avoid monopolizing the conversation. Keep your business cards handy. Do not deal them out impersonally. Practice good table etiquette. Let common sense and consideration of others be your guide

Developing your network is easy because you know more people than you think you know. Consider:

  • family, friends, roommates, and significant others

  • iSchool faculty and staff, fellow students, and alumni

  • past and present co-workers

  • neighbors

  • club, organization, and association members

  • people at the gym, the local coffee house, and neighborhood store

  • people in your religious community

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